What Did Snowden Reveal?

While you’ve likely heard of Edward Snowden and understand that the documents he leaked demonstrated how the US National Security Agency was utilizing worrisome mass surveillance techniques, you may be a little fuzzy on what exactly those techniques were. This article will provide an overview of the most important revelations that the Snowden leaks unearthed. […]


Bit Torrent Experiments with Ad Streams

This week, BitTorrent revealed that it would be revamping its Bundle offering as a pilot project called “BitTorrent Now.” The Bundle feature has been heavily used by independent musicians and filmmakers in addition to the BBC and other major media organizations. It will soon accept ads, effectively monetizing its free service even if it causes […]

oculus social

VR Gets Social

This week, Oculus VR launched Oculus Social, a platform for Samsung’s Gear VR viewer. With Oculus Social, Gear VR users can create their own social profiles and seek out friends via real names or handles similar to that of Twitter. Despite the fact that Oculus VR has yet to release its actual virtual reality headset, […]

critical infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure; Can it Be Hacked?

Ukraine’s power grid was recently hacked, constituting the second hack of this kind against a country’s critical infrastructure since Struxnet’s attack against Iran’s nuclear program was discovered in 2010. Now the U.S. is thinking about its own critical infrastructure, and whether or not it may be vulnerable to these kinds of attacks from people who […]

mark zuckerberg

Facebook CEO Shows Support for Muslim Community

Some civil rights supporters have become steadily more worried about the attitudes surfacing in the United States in the wake of the Paris attacks and the shooting in San Bernadino; conservative presidential nominee Donald Trump has elicited opinions fostering anti-Muslim efforts to block the entrance of Muslim individuals into the country and force all Muslims […]

dns bp

What is the DNS?

Before we talk about the DNS, we need to briefly over view what an IP address is and how it relates to your personal computer. Basically, IP (which stands for Internet Protocol) addresses identify your specific device and where it is, what network it’s using to access the internet, etc. When your computer wants to access a particular […]


Restore Your Missed Files from Android Device by Approaching Data Recovery Service

Android is keep emerging as a best mobile platform which brings the power of web to the users’ hands. With features like fast browse, multi-tasking, cloud synch, share and easy to connect feature, it is possible to save distinct types of data such as music, pictures and videos on SD card present inside the android […]


The Award Winning Hard Drive Data Recovery Centre For Your Best Service

Today the technology in the word is being increased along with that the technological faults is also increased. The computers are one of the essential machines that everyone should have in their home. The computer plays a vital role with the students and the businesspersons. Every machine will face the repairs and it cannot able […]