The Dark Web Does News

Although the “dark web” may have criminal connotations, the surge in cybersecurity thats and news of government surveillance have started to transform the haven for black market traders into a slightly more private person of the web as a whole. The non-profit news organization ProPublica has just jumped onboard; it launched a version of its […]

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Facebook CEO Shows Support for Muslim Community

Some civil rights supporters have become steadily more worried about the attitudes surfacing in the United States in the wake of the Paris attacks and the shooting in San Bernadino; conservative presidential nominee Donald Trump has elicited opinions fostering anti-Muslim efforts to block the entrance of Muslim individuals into the country and force all Muslims […]

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What is the DNS?

Before we talk about the DNS, we need to briefly over view what an IP address is and how it relates to your personal computer. Basically, IP (which stands for Internet Protocol) addresses identify your specific device and where it is, what network it’s using to access the internet, etc. When your computer wants to access a particular […]

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Google Preps Smart Cars for Halloween

You have to hand it to Google- this next development is a prime example of how thorough they aim to make their smart car safety features. Last week Google announced that it has adapted the person-detection technology of its self-driving vehicles so that they can detect human beings (especially children) wearing costumes. Although this may […]

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Role Of Personal Computer In Your Business

 The IBM introduced the personal computer, now this computers plays vital role in various fields especially it is the most effective devices in the business filed. The personal computers do many functions, like it is the device to do the complicated task. By the way it reduces your efforts. The Personal Computer used to perform […]

Intel Broadwell

In the 2015 CES show, Intel announced their newest products: Broadwell chips. Now, this has been something they’ve been promising they would do for the past few years. Their initial delays affected the rollout originally. The company made the decision to actually stagger the launch dates. First they would introduct the cores that were more […]


Restore Your Missed Files from Android Device by Approaching Data Recovery Service

Android is keep emerging as a best mobile platform which brings the power of web to the users’ hands. With features like fast browse, multi-tasking, cloud synch, share and easy to connect feature, it is possible to save distinct types of data such as music, pictures and videos on SD card present inside the android […]